Karma : The Law Of Cause And Effect

Simply the result of actions, Karma is arranged by a natural system, not an invention of a bunch of greedy people brainwashing and controlling other people for wealth and power, in vision to rule, to enslave, to dominate, etc... of course for their own benefits.

Unlike any belief system that makes you believe in resurrection, judgement day, heaven and hell, punishment, sin and reward, this spiritual law is a law that no man on earth can refute. The consequences of all causes will be paid without having to wait for the day of judgement. Every one of us is facing karma every day, with no exception, extrapolation, judgement, deliverance, involved. No one determines the aftermath but our deeds.

In spirituality, there are no such tales as heaven and hell, sins and saints, for we are all either, neither and both. People are experiencing heaven and hell here, on earth itself. No one knows what the afterlife is like, not even a prophet.

This law of actions and reactions can clearly show us how nature works, and its system is the only fair and equitable system that exists in parallel with the whole universe. The system does not take into account who we are, what our status is, how rich or poor we are. All of us stand and sit in the same position.

In a humble world, the choice is ours. Our deeds determine the punishment and reward for ourselves. We are the heaven and the hell we created.

What you give, you get back.

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